BPS School Board Election Results Come as a Surprise to Some

Rapid growth in the Bismarck Public School district has brought some controversy among parents and the school board.

After looking at final election results for the school board, Emily Medalen tells us what concerned parents may be able to expect.
After over one thousand people expressed concern through the Bismarck Alliance for Neighborhood Schools, many expected the school board election results to be different this year.
But, out of the 10 candidates that ran, the 3 incumbents came out on top.
The winners were Jon Lee, Karl Lembke, and Matt Sagsveen.
Matt Sagsveen says while he wants to keep small schools small…measures may need to be taken so that teachers have comfortable numbers in their classrooms – 
potentially new schools being built in the north part of town.

“We’re also going to do everything we can to make sure that our classroom sizes are appropriate for each class. And if teachers and teachers aids need help, I think the board is going to encourage the teachers and our administration to be flexible,” says Sagsveen.

We reached out to Bismarck Public Schools to hear their thoughts on election results and they did not wish to comment.

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