Breaking Down Measure 2


There will be four statewide measures on your November ballot…Measure 2, changes just one word in the state constitution.

KX News is your Local Election Headquarters and we’re going to explain how just one word, may change those allowed to vote.

“Vote yes on Measure 2,” said Nathan Lee, Sponsoring Committee.

Supporters of Measure 2 want to change the word “every citizen of the US” to “only a citizen of US” when discussing people who can vote.

“We’re trying to change the wording so it’s only so it’s more exclusive,” said Lee.

At KX, we wanted to know why something that seems so simple should be changed – so we hit the phones in order to find out what that wording could mean if North Dakotans vote yes for measure 2.

“If the city of Fargo said hey we want to allow people with green cards to vote and they want to challenge it by putting it in our constitution we say no it’s unconstitutional. You have to be a US citizen and a North Dakota resident,” said Gary Emineth, Chairman.

I spoke with an attorney to get his professional opinion about the possible change.

He said after reading the language, he does not see a need for the change because state law already prevents green card holders from voting.

“There would be no change in who could really vote because the constitution as it stands already qualifies an elector as an United States Citizen that’s a resident of North Dakota. There’s no change,” said Bob Martin, Trial Attorney.

The sponsoring committee for the Measure says they’re working to tighten a potential loophole against green card holders.

“We’re really just trying to close the loop hole before people try to exploit the loop hole,” said Lee.

But those opposed say its just changing a word, that does not change current state law.

“I don’t see where it adds anything to the mix. Personally, I would not be supportive of it,” said Martin.

Now, it’s all up to the voters to decide if changing one word in the Constitution is best for the state of North Dakota.

The group in support of the measure is North Dakotans For Citizen Voting.

The committee has raised over three-hundred thousand dollars for the measure.

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