Charges have been officially filed against 44-year-old Chad Isaak of Washburn, ND.

Isaak faces 4 counts of AA Felony murder. He also faces a burglary charge, concealment within a vehicle and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Isaak will have his first court appearance Friday, April 5th in Morton County court.

AA Felony murder charges are punishable by life in prison under North Dakota law.

Court documents in the case including the affidavit include a lot of information that KX News will not share due to the sensitive nature of this case.

Here’s some of the information into how authorities helped catch Chad Isaak:

The affidavit filed in Morton County Court says Chad Isaak, the suspect, entered the RJR Maintenance and Management building at approximately 6:47 a.m. Monday, April 1st, he was later seen leaving the building at approximately 7:00 a.m. 

Isaak entered the building in a bright colored top, dark pants and bright colored headgear. He was the sole individual inflicting injury according to the documents. When he left the building surveillance video shows him wearing dark colored clothing.

An RJR vehicle was then seen leaving the area. Surveillance video from multiple businesses along the strip shows how he fled the scene, including ditching the vehicle at Indigo Signs parking lot before walking west to where his Ford F-150 was parked at McDonald’s. Surveillance cameras from area businesses showed the suspect wearing a covering over his head.

A witness says they saw the suspect with something ‘puffed up in the front’ the description of the individual matched the suspect. The suspect then got in the Ford F-150 and drove away. Surveillance continued to follow the vehicle westbound on Main.

It was later tracked by businesses in Oliver County near Center, and again in Washburn, ND at about 9:00 am Monday morning. 

Thursday, April 4 McLean County Deputy Justin Krohmer recognized the suspects’ vehicle after it was distributed through NDSLIC. NDSLIC is a law enforcement communication tool, that helps distribute information.

Authorities confirmed that Chad Isaak lived in an RJR Managed property in Washburn, ND.

Isaak was later stopped by McLean County deputies Thursday afternoon. A search warrant came through for Isaak’s vehicle, where blood was found.

A search conducted of Isaak’s property turned up a strong smell of bleach as well as clothing, and weapons including a knife and guns that are believed to have been used in the crime. Shell casings that matched the number of rounds fired at RJR were also recovered in the home.

All four of the victims were found in the RJR Maintenance and Management building. They all suffered stab and or gunshot wounds.