Brothers Clean The Cemetery For Memorial Day Service

Two brothers take time every year to honor the true purpose of memorial day – honoring our fallen heroes.

But, Alexus Arthur tells us how they also make it a day to remember for veterans that are still with us.

Rosehill Memorial Park is home to many of our North Dakota veterans.

Each year there is a Memorial Day service here to honor those that gave so much to us.

“I hear a comment or two that somebody would say after the ceremony why doesn’t the cemetery clean up this area,” said Richard Reuer, Volunteer.

So, Richard and his brother Robert decided to take the initiative.

“I just have service heart to work with veterans whether they’re alive or gone,” said Richard.

They are cleaning the entire area row by row, tombstone by tombstone.

Cleaning this area was important to Richard.

“If we’re going to do it, let’s do it right,” said Richard.

For 16 and a half years he served.

He joined the Marine Corps in 1976 and then four years later he switched to the Navy.

He says that donating time to clean a veterans tombstone is sacrifice that doesn’t even compare to the one’s they made.

“I’m happy to do this,” said Richard.

“I’m really proud of my brother. I tell him everyday,” said Robert Reuer, Volunteer.

The North Dakota Veterans Affairs reports that in 2017, there were 25,038 known veterans in the state.

That doesn’t include the number of veterans that have passed away.

Just in this area that the Reuers are cleaning, there are about 300 veterans.

“This is my family I look at. These people here, they’re my brothers and I got a sister over there,” said Richard.

The Reuers will continue to rake, brush, and throw away the scraps if it means that the Memorial Day is perfect and peaceful for our service men and women.

The Reuers will clean tomorrow at 9am and more volunteers are welcome.

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