BSC Students Share Their Feelings on Presidential Debate

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“This isn’t getting us anywhere,”  says James Miller.
“It wasn’t fun to watch,” says Brady Warken.
At times scary…
“I feel like they’re trying to fear people to vote a certain way,” says Chase Schuh.
It’s some of the ways that this group of BSC students describes this presidential election. 
Or as they call it, a presidential playground.
“It’s like kindergartners arguing back and forth with each other,” says Sarah Salgado.
Most of these people are first time voters. 
They’re all in a political science class at BSC where they were instructed to watch the debates.
For some, this was their first time seeing one.
“I wasn’t going to watch it unless I was going to get extra credit for it and I’m glad I have,” says Rumor Stokes.
Many said the constant bicker between the two candidates makes it hard for them listen to their policy… that is instead of just comparing the one to the other. 
“They never say what they’re going to do for you,” says Schuh.
After a lot of sharing and disagreeing of opinions, we all split up. 
Some said they were voting for Hillary…
Some Trump…
Some Neither…
However it was the last statement made before we all left everyone seemed to agree with. 
“I’ve always heard one side is terrible and this is going to be what destroys America… I still have hope in what America is going to face in these next four years,” says Salgado.
When we asked the students what issues were most important to them in the election, most of them said abortion and immigration. 
I spoke to the professor of the class and he told me that it was really interesting to see how the students transitioned from one candidate or the other. 
Or at least weren’t as confident in the person they thought they were voting for. 
He said that they mirrored the rest of the country in that way. 
Trumps supporters going down a little bit in the polls and Clinton’s increasing.

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