Bucks superfans have ultimate experience

If you’ve been to Bucks game this season, you know that Section 101 houses the team’s superfans. And last Saturday, the section founders had the ultimate experience.

Kelly Lackner and Shane Cannon are the most visible fans of the team’s superfans section in 101 known as the horny bucks.

“It’s the section where all the action is when there is a touchdown,” Lackner said. “So I right away called the Bucks and first thing I said was, ‘I want section 101. and I want the edge of the rail.'”

The name is play on words. The duo uses a wide range of instruments to raise the noise level in the arena and make life difficult on the visiting team.

“Really bring them to distract the other team,” Lackner said. “We want to pump our defense so we blow the horns during the offensive part of the game.”

The season ticket holders don’t miss a game. And they enjoy many of the game promotions. During the last home game, Kelly caught a shirt and Shane got a chance to throw footballs in a trash can.

“We couldn’t be any more involved in the game,” Cannon said. “Unless we were in the game.”

The friends meet three years ago because their sons play on the same soccer team. And now, they use Bucks’ games as a chance to spend more time with them.

“It’s local thing, Cannon said. “We are in small town North Dakota. There’s a not a lot going on out here. To have the Bucks in town to have somebody to support is real good thing for the community.”

Kelly and Shane say Section 101 is open and welcomes one and all.

“Any body that wants to come to section 101,” Lackner said. “They are horny buck for life.”

At least for this season, the home fun has come to an end. Bismarck plays its first round playoff game June 10 at Sioux City.



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