Building inspectors meet with visitors at Home and Garden Show

Before a new home or building can be used, inspectors have to make sure it’s up to code. The process can be a little tricky. That’s why local building inspectors have set up a booth at the annual Home and Garden show to answer questions.

Their goal is to explain the codes in a more user-friendly way and make things less daunting. The inspectors were prepared with pamphlets on various topics about which they are frequently asked.

“I think it gives the people more of a face-to-face experience. And so this kind of skips the middle man, if you will, I would say. So they can walk up and ask us questions and we can be more available,” says Gage DeGroot, Plumbing Inspector.

DeGroot says the most common questions they received this year were about where to place garages and setbacks with buildings.

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