Burleigh County starts operating Tavis Flood Control Structure

Tavis Road_1529853023063.PNG.jpg

Burleigh County says the Highway Department has started operating the Tavis Flood Control Structure.

A gate has been closed on the west side and pumps are lowering the water level on the east side.

Marcus Hall the Burleigh County Engineer says “Lowering the level allows storage to protect residents on the east side of Fox Island and the wastewater treatment plant. Everything is functioning properly, and we continue to follow the response actions in our Flood Annex.”

The Tavis Flood Control Structure was completed in 2014, and cost over $2 million.

Burleigh County has two self-fill sandbag stations open for the public. One is located at the Hogue Island Boat Ramp and the other on Fox Island’s Shoreline Circle.

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