BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — This year, Global Neighbors is helping 80 foreign families, who arrived in Western North Dakota.

Bismarck Global Neighbors is a nonprofit that started in 2015.

The Global Neighbors work with new Americans and immigrants who come to our state to offer them support.

Julie Ramos Lagos, the executive producer of Bismarck Global Neighbors shares more about how they make the new Americans feel more at home.

“Helping them submit their applications to the state, send it to immigration, help them apply for Medicaid, SNAP, and different options of state aid that applies to them,” said Ramos Lagos.

Anyone in the community can sign up to be a mentor with Global Neighbors.

The mentoring programs help immigrants practice English, show them around the community, and help them feel welcome.

This year, because of the Russia-Ukraine war, more people have arrived in North Dakota, many looking for a safe place, and some seeking a forever home.

“Right now, we’re seeing a lot more parolees that are coming in that could either stay long-term or go back to their country, especially in the case of Ukrainians. They could be temporary, but many of them are establishing their places here because they have family ties or individuals they come for,” said Ramos Lagos.

For those who wish to welcome newcomers, the Bismarck Global Neighbors host welcome parties every month.

Members of the community can come to meet and greet the newcomers every second Monday of the month.

The next event is a Joloff Rice cook-off and will be on October 10 at the Gateway Mall.