Burlington family recovers after their home is lost in a fire

It happened as the kids were getting home from school. 

“My mom had called me and said the house was on fire, said Ashley Clouse who lost her home to a fire. 

It wasn’t just a house, it was the home of Ashley Clouse and her four children. 

“I got out there as fast as I could and found out that Timothy had gone in and he had smelt smoke and he had walked into the house to see where it was coming from and then he saw flames at the end of the hallway and he took action,” said Clouse.

Timothy only 8-years-old ran in and saved their two dogs.

“He got them outside to the outdoor kennel and then he went back in the house and saved the cat,” said Clouse. 

A little camera shy,  but he knows he was a hero that day.

The cause of the fire has not been determined and the house is no longer livable. 

“There’s a giant hole in the floor and what didn’t burn is smoke damaged,” said Clouse.

Ashley says she’s fortunate to have family who she can stay with — and even more so a supportive community. 

The community has been amazing and helped donate some stuff for the kids so we kind of have a baric set up for them temporarily right now,” said Clouse.

On Tuesday evening, Al Schmidt chief of the Berthold Police department presented Ashley with a check for one thousand dollars.

“Her story hit home with me because when I was 12 years old, my three brothers and I –our house burned down right near Christmas and we lost everything to,” said Schmidt.

He also went out and bought the whole family gifts.

“I thought with her children and their situation we needed to do something,” said Schmidt.

As for Ashley, she’s thankful no one was hurt and now she’s ready to rebuild.

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