Every year the non-profit Farm Rescue helps families who have experienced a major injury, illness or natural disaster. 

Now a tweet campaign is letting us help them, help others.

It began last Friday, Feb. 15th,  Busch Beer tweeted they would donate 5 dollars to farm rescue for every re-tweet of that post. 

It’s a part of their Toast to Farmers campaign, and they plan to donate up to half a million dollars. 

So far there have been 41,000 retweets but Farm Rescue is hoping you could help get them at 100,000. 

‘We’ve assisted more than 600 families since 2006 operation hay lift last year we added a significant amount of number to that this half million dollars if we’re able to reach that benchmark through Busch beer through their retweet campaign is going to be significant,” said board director for Farm Rescue Shaun Sipma. 

The money raised will help go to the operations cost they incur each year. 

Busch Beer is produced by Anheuser Busch company which also distributes Bud Light Budweiser and several other alcoholic beverages.