MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — As of Friday, the price of gold is $1,721 an ounce.

A North Dakota man recently opened his own shop, where he says his word is as good as gold.

Dough Hilderman opened Abel Gold and Silver Exchange in Mandan earlier this year.

Hilderman has traded in gold and precious metals for years but says he decided to open his own store during the recent pandemic.

His store buys and sells collectibles, including Goldbacks, jewelry, silver dollars, and Black Hills gold.

“I actually give 2.5% over the spot price when people come into my store,” Hilderman said. “But I always ask them first, how much do they want for it and what would make them smile as they leave my store?”

Hilderman inspects and may test gold and silver onsite, including an ice cube test.

Real silver will quickly melt an ice cube because silver is highly heat conductive.

You can find Dough on First Street NE in Mandan. He’s open Tuesday through Saturday.