Barnes & Noble is back in the Capital City, finding a temporary spot.

You’ll find the popular book store across from Scheels and H&M in the Kirkwood Mall.

This move came after shutting its doors at its 7th Street location in late January.

Barnes & Noble’s new location, while missing a few features from before, has new inventory tailored for just about everyone.

“With us opening this temporary location, we’re excited to serve the Bismarck reader once again. We’re here in this location, we’ve got a full assortment of books for both the adult reader, the young adult reader and the kid’s reader. We’d love to have people come out and see what’s new and fresh in this temporary location in the mall,” said Manager Chris Pakiz.

He adds that he expects Barnes & Noble to remain in this temporary location for around 12 to 18 months before making the jump to a permanent location, which will be announced at a later date.