(KXNET) — A traveling boutique bringing the tranquility of a lake to your wardrobe, and a new beauty haven that offers a personalized, luxurious experience.

We have two new businesses to share with you!

Look out for the Happy Glamper, camping in a city near you. Glamping means camping, but doing it glamorously.

This traveling boutique brings lake fashion and decor to a whole new level.

“From clothing to, you saw a lot of people in here today buying baby clothes, and to houseware and blankets and puzzles, and pillows, and everything you could think of. But it’s all something that you would use in when you were camping, or for your cabin,” said Wendy Sanderson, the owner of The Happy Glamper.

She says her fondest family memories are the ones that start on a campsite.

So, after retiring in 2022, she found a way to honor those childhood memories, especially after her Dad passed just last year.

The Happy Glamper has everything you need for your family’s next lake excursion.

“And I have the chance to know my community and get to know the people in it and it. And they have been so receptive,” said Sanderson.

Heading over to the Magic City, a new beauty store has opened its doors inside JCPenney’s at Dakota Square Mall, hoping to revolutionize how you think about skincare, makeup, and self-care.

JCPenney Beauty is now where Sephora used to be.

The beauty store wants to provide a more local experience to shoppers by supplying independent beauty companies for men, women, and even children.

“This provides a more inclusive sort of feel. As more as more autonomy to the brands we’re able to carry. As well as just more individualized to the Penny’s customer,” said Grace Davison, a JCPenney employee.

JCPenny Beauty is open during regular mall business hours.

The Happy Glamper is attending the Riverdale Vendor show at the Riverdale High Lodge next Saturday, March 18.