MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A store that satisfies your sweet tooth has now opened its third store in the state.

Crumbl Cookies opened its first store in Bismarck and has since expanded to West Fargo, and now there is a new Crumbl in Minot.

All of Crumbl’s ingredients are fresh and the dough is made from scratch every day in-house.

A unique thing about Crumbl is that they sell six types of cookies each week, chocolate chip and sugar cookies will always remain the same, but the other four will never stay the same.

New flavors for the week are released on Sunday, so stay on the lookout for your favorite cookie.

“You got to get it that week because it’s going to be gone the next week and so we do have customers that come in and say I want that key lime cookie that I had last week, well sorry. Another is they keep it kind of a secret as to the rotating menu, so we don’t really know when that cookie is coming back,” said Minot Crumbl Cookies Co-Owner, Gary Nunley.

For the list of this week’s cookie flavors, and for more information about Crumbl Cookies, visit the Crumbl website.