Over the past couple of days, many businesses were forced to close — but that hasn’t stopped business owners from making light of the situation in whatever way they can.

In a special business beat edition, we went to Desirae’s Makeup & Beauty Lounge in downtown Bismarck — one such business making that light.

When the blizzard hit, Desirae’s was unable to open its physical location.

However, the owner turned to online sales, pushing a sales promotion to their customers and driving traffic that would be in person over to their website.

“Our online sales went really, really well, so we’ll be spending the day filling orders. Today’s been a little slow but I think that people are still kind of shoveling out. I just feel like COVID set us up for everything, so anything that comes in the future we’re ready for. Honestly, that kind of helped me prepare for events like this — being closed and things like that, to kind of plan ahead and decide what I should do for my business,” said Owner Desirae Earl.