MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — New Beginnings Imaging is a mobile pregnancy ultra-sound business.

Clients who are expecting babies at six weeks or who are further along in their pregnancy can use this new service.

Amanda Olson says she started this because she enjoys educating parents on what they are seeing.

One of the things she does is take the sound of the baby’s heartbeat and places it in a stuffed animal, giving it to the parents so they have the heartbeat to listen to.

Technology is ever-evolving and Olson says she can use this to hit the road, bringing it to people where ever they are.

“How this service works, I will bring a laptop size ultra-sound machine into their home or even to a baby shower. It is connected to their tv with an HDMI cable and everyone can stand around and watch the ultra-sound. We can even live stream the ultra-sound for families that are really anywhere,” said Amanda Olson, the owner of New Beginnings Imaging.

In order to find her, she says you can go to her website.