A new restaurant has its customers traveling from the capital city to a tropical island.

Pitorro Restaurant and Bar is bringing some Puerto Rican flair to the area.

Owner Lydia Arroyo has called Bismarck home for the past 15 years.

She says she wanted to bring a change to the restaurant scene, especially with the growing Puerto Rican community.

Arroyo missed the flavors herself but also wanted to share them with everyone else.

“I think the pivotal role on opening the restaurant was because I don’t get to eat it everyday at home. My kids get to eat it at their house cause they cook it all the time. I don’t cook it all the time. So having someone cooking it for me as delicious as she [the chef] cooks, it made it even a better idea,” said Arroyo.

Pitorro is open Wednesday through Sunday and ready to welcome customers to a new taste. You’ll find it on South 12th Street in Bismarck.