MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — If you’ve ever wanted to smash a TV with a sledgehammer or throw a plate across the room, now is your chance at Let’s Destroy It.

And it is all the rage.

The rage room is the first of its kind in Minot.

Customers who want to destroy things can pick their weapon of choice to smash away their stress.

The items you destroy will be provided and cleaned up by the business. A group of up to four people, 10 years old and up, can “rage” together by booking on their website.

The co-owners and husband and wife duo say the purpose of the business is to create a healthy and fun team-building experience.

There will even be a special on “Happy Mondays” to help start your week off right.

“I think that everybody is just looking to smash and bash stuff. All our lives when we were growing up, we were told not to smash and bash stuff. And here you can do it without getting into trouble and we get to clean up the mess,” said Crystal Lewellyn.

The rage room plans on having events like cookouts and special entertainment throughout the summer.

They plan to expand soon with a paint splatter room right next door.

Let’s Destroy it is located at 300 30th AVE NW Suite B Minot, ND 58703.