MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — New Mexican flavors are more accessible to those getting some shopping done.

Tacos, margaritas and salsa on the go can now be found at the Dakota Square Mall.

Not only is it a to-go restaurant in the mall, but they also created a cantina for sit-down dining.

The owners say their faster service is the key difference from the main location on South Broadway.

They say their goal is to bring their food to more people and hope to continue doing so in their new location as well.

“We’re closer to more people, who probably haven’t heard of taco Feliz before, or think Broadway is a little too out of their way. Hopefully, by being in the mall we have a lot more people from out of town who come into the mall, that they can get a taste of Taco Feliz,” Manager Estefini Brevo.