A new car wash is now open in Bismarck.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash at 1800 12th street held its official opening by giving out free car washes.

A steady stream of vehicles made their way through the wash, which takes just about three minutes.

Starting Saturday, washes will come at a cost, but by downloading their app, you can get a month of free washes.

If you need to get some dirt out of your car, they also have free vacuuming.

General Manager Tyler Adolf says he expects about 1,200 cars to drive through, just on Friday.

“Bismarck’s been kind of wanting an express wash, where you don’t have to sit in line very long. We can get you through in probably about three, four minutes,” Adolf said.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m, every day.