NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Deer Bow hunting season started at noon, on Friday, September 2.

So when are people usually shopping for their archery gear?

“Right before bow season comes, it’s pretty busy. during the season it’s pretty busy too, it just depends on who breaks what or what goes on during the season. So it’s usually right before the season and then kinda slows off in the season a little bit,” said Scott Braaten, a bow tech at The Outfitters.

And on Friday, Braaten says he didn’t expect to have too many people inside the store, because they’ll be outside putting their licenses to use.

“The day of, not really ’cause a lot of people are out hunting, so there’s not a lot of people that are gonna be in today. We’re kinda expecting a pretty slow day,” said Braaten.

He says business has been good overall, but this is the time of the year where they see an influx in customers, compared to the spring and summer.

“A lot of people go to shoot their bows, but there’s really not any hunting for their bows so we usually see a lot more business this time of year,” said Braaten.

But before you head out to hunt, North Dakota Game and Fish has some tips for you this hunting season.

When the regular deer gun season starts, all big game hunters, including bowhunters, are required to wear orange.

It is also unlawful to hunt big game over bait or to place bait to attract big game for the purpose of hunting, in deer units 1, 2B, 3A1, 3A2, 3A3, 3A4, 3B1, 3C, 3D1, 3D2, 3E1, 3E2, 3F1, 3F2, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E and 4F. 

Hunters are prohibited from transporting into or within North Dakota, the whole carcasses of deer, elk, moose, and other cervid family members harvested outside of the state.

Deer bow hunting ends on January 1, 2023.

Game and Fish officials also want to remind hunters that there are options to get their animals tested for Chronic Wasting Disease.

The heads can be dropped off at:

  • Belfield– North Dakota Department of Transportation shop; 898 8th St. NE
  • Bismarck– North Dakota Game and Fish Department Wildlife Health Lab; 3001 E. Main Ave
  • Devils Lake– North Dakota Game and Fish Department district office; 7928 45th St. NE
  • Dickinson– North Dakota Game and Fish Department district office; 225 30th Ave. SW
  • Fargo– North Dakota Veterinary Diagnostic Lab; 4035 19th Ave. N
  • Fort Yates– Prairie Knights Quik Mart; 7932 ND-24
  • Lonetree – North Dakota Game and Fish Department district office; 1851 23rd Ave. NE
  • Jamestown– North Dakota Game and Fish Department district office; 3320 E. Lakeside Road
  • Kenmare– Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge; 42000 520th St. NW
  • Killdeer– Dunn County shop; 300 Central Ave. S
  • Minot– State Fairgrounds; 2005 E. Burdick Expressway
  • Riverdale –North Dakota Game and Fish Department district office; 406 Dakota Ave
  • Watford City– McKenzie Ranger District office; 1905 S. Main Street
  • Williston– North Dakota Game and Fish Department district office; 5303 Front St. W