In this week’s business beat–we’re featuring two pop up businesses. A temporary tattoo artist is applying mock tattoos and a local concrete leveling company is injecting foam in the ground.

PolyPro, LLC is a locally owned and operated concrete foam jacking company based in Bismarck.

Owner, Kelly Hoggarth started the business three years ago. 

He goes to your property and injects high-density foam underneath the concrete to lift and fix uneven patios, sidewalks even driveways.

Hoggarth says Mudjacking is similar in concept but foam jacking is faster, easier and Eco-friendly.

“With mud jacking, if water gets back under there again then it will wipe it right out. Mine turns rock hard solid like a glue underneath and water running underneath it can not wash it away,” said Hoggarth.

Another pop-up business is Unreal Tats.

It’s a fake tattoo parlor that specializes in temporary tattoos based in Bismarck.

Owner, Katie Toepke says the tattoos are safe and don’t penetrate the anyone can get them.

Toepke comes to your events and offers about 300 designs ranging from full sleeves, half sleeves, and even back pieces.

The tattoos are waterproof, sweatproof and can last up to 10 days. 

“This enables me to change my tattoos like I change my jewelry. I want this cool neck piece today, Tomorrow I might want a skull on my neck or a unicorn behind my ear. I give people an experience. I can create a custom look for you and I can print out custom pieces,” said Toepke.

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