Business Owner Is Brewing Kombucha

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A tea known as Kombucha is quite healthy for your body.

A local business owner saw the positive affect of Kombucha and decided that she would brew it and sell it herself.

Kombucha is made out of tea, sugar, and is fermented with SCOBY which is symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts.

The part that makes it taste even better is the fruit that is added to it and currently Val Stadick is selling the flavor blueberry ginger.

Stadick spends about ten days to fill a keg because that’s how it takes the tea to become fermented.

After that, she adds all of her favorite flavors and has a healthy drink.

“It’s just so different and I just knew it was something special and that I would love to do and I’m the type of person that’s going to figure how to make something rather than buy it so right away I started brewing my own,” said Val Stadick, Mainstreet Books Owner.

Staddick says that Kombucha is known to have several health benefits for probiotics, liver, and blood sugar.

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