Busy Night Moving Snow

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It snowed most of the night – and while most of us simply slept, others were out making sure our world would quickly get back to normal today.
Jim Olson shows introduces us to some of the people who had a busy night and morning.

(Mike Sander, MPS Employee)  “We started at 12:30 – it’s been all night.”

Mike Sander and a crew of a half-dozen were awake through the night – clearing snow from parking lots like this one at Jim Hill Middle School to make sure that, when the 10am school start time hit, there’d be clear sailing for all the cars that would soon be arriving.

Over at Magic City Campus, other workers were on sidewalk duty

(Israel Perez, MPS Employee)  “Shoveling and snowblowing all the snow – so we got some snow down here probably a good six to eight inches.”

This crew was one of four around the big high school building, making sure the paths were clear for students and staff when the doors opened a few hours later.

Meanwhile, people like Scott Clouse were thankful for strangers getting cars unstuck.

(Scott Clouse, Newspaper Delivery Person) “I got stuck right down here delivering papers.”
(Aaron Lentz, Minot) “He just delivered my paper and got stuck after that.”

And others were shoveling driveways and walks for themselves – or for friends – that’s what Scott Knippel of Missouri was doing.

(Scott Knippel, Kansas City Resident) “I’m up here visiting a girlfriend – doing her mother’s driveway so they can hopefully get out and go to the games tonight.”

Just another busy early morning after what Israel Perez calls a special treat from Mother Nature.

(Israel Perez, MPS Employee) “Mother Nature she likes to play jokes on us. So welcome to Minot, North Dakota. A great place to live.”

Jim Olson, KX News.

Minot recorded nine inches of snow in the storm.

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