Butte, Montana man writes book about Midwest outdoors

After a lifetime spent hunting and fishing, one Butte, Montana man has started documenting his stories in a book.

Paul F. Vang began freelance writing about his outdoor experiences after retiring from government work over 20 years ago. In his first book, Vang details some of his favorite memories following Labrador Retrievers in search of upland birds and waterfowl.

“We’re currently on our fifth Labrador Retriever, our first one we got in 1970. These Labs are a big part of my life and that’s a big part of the book, “Sweeter Than Candy.” Candy was two Labs ago,” says Paul F. Vang, “Sweeter Than Candy” Author.

He is currently working on a second book geared more towards fishing. Its working title is “Golden Years, Golden Days.”

You can find his book here on Amazon, or by visiting his website here.

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