Can Bismarck’s Future Population Handle a New Housing Unit

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KX News told you about, Silver Ranch, the new housing development underway in North East Bismarck. We’re putting North Dakota first and set out to find if this development is really needed.

We took a look at the numbers and population projections provided by the City of Bismarck.
Right now, there are over 72 thousand people in Bismarck. The city is expected to grow to over a 100 thousand people by 2040. Bismarck currently has 330 single family homes on the market, but with the projected growth rate it looks like the Silver Ranch would be vital for the community.

We spoke to a local realtor who said she definitely thinks the city will continue to grow in the Northeast corner and more housing will be needed.

Goldstone Realtor, Debora Archambeau says, “I think they will provide us with homes that can be sold. I mean look at the schools we have in our town right now, they are growing. These children continue their education in Bismarck and continue their lives in Bismarck I don’t know But there’s an opportunity for them in Bismarck, North Dakota.”

The Silver Ranch addition is expected to add another 2,800 homes.

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