Canadian Pacific Railroad Stops In Harvey Are Done

In December we were the first to tell you the Canadian Pacific railroad would no longer be making stops in Harvey.

The railroad’s last stop was Thursday, March 15th.

It’s impacted the 60 plus employees and their families who had to transfer to another city.

The Canadian Pacific railroad was a staple spot in Harvey. It brought in more than 60 Employees.

Those people bought homes, spent their money locally and sent their kids to school in the region.

Now, with service gone the city of Harvey is already seeing the repercussions.

“I thought we’d have a lot more stay here but we do have a lot of houses for sale,” said Ann Adams, Harvey Mayor.

Employees were not fired. Instead they were given the option to transfer to either Minot OR Enderlin.

Forcing them to decide between an almost 90 minute or a three hour commute.

“I think the railroad made a huge mistake,” said Adams.

“It’s hard for everybody. It’s an adjustment,” said Mindy Gould, LuLaroe Business Owner.

Mindy Gould is a business owner in Harvey. Since the railroad left she’s seen her sales drop.

“Probably a 10% decline as far as personal appearances,” said Gould.

She knows it’s because many families are going through financial struggles whether it’s moving, paying for more than one home, or spending more to make the commute.

“As far as my business, I’ll be ok but I’m more concerned from them and their families,” said Gould.

The city and business owners are putting a plan in place to make sure that doors like these stay open.

“We didn’t lay down and drop dead. We’re going to keep on going,” said Adams.

They are finding new industries to join the community.

“We have the first commitment from a firm that provides precision ag services and technology,” said Paul Gunderson, Interim Economic Development Director.

What was once known as a railroad town – is now looking for a new reputation – and the City of Harvey intends to find it. 

There is still a little bit of railroad activity in Harvey as there are a few maintenance employees.

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