Cancer exhibition high point for McQuades

No rules, just fun. That was the only requirement for this weekend’s cancer exhibition game during the McQuade Softball Tournament. A contest where everyone wanted to play.

“Everyone knows her as Mama Wolf,” her daughter Brooke Wolf said. “How much she cared for them and took care of them. It’s great to see all the support and that people still remember her.”

The second Connie Wolf Cancer Exhibition Game was on Saturday during the McQuade Softball tournament.

Both teams tossed the rules out of the window. Umpires pitched and played in the field. Fans from the stands came on the field to hit and run the bases, and it was all for a great cause.
“They travel from miles and mile away to support this cause,” game participant Loren Balkowitsch said. “They get together in memory too of people who aren’t here any more. It’s good to play for them as well.”

No one kept score, but then again, no one cared who won. Saturday was about raising awareness for an issue that has touched everyone at some point.

“Everyone knows someone that’s affected by cancer,” game participant Ryan Bolk said. “So we’re just trying to show the support.”

After the game, there was a cancer ball toss. Each ball cost $5. The money raised helps families with the extra cost associated with cancer treatment that insurance doesn’t cover.

“It doesn’t go through any organization,” Wolf said, “just directly to them in the form of gift cards.”

Laughs and smiles were wide spread. Brooke says that just the way Mamma Wolf would have wanted it.

“It’s just so nice to see everyone come out,” Wolf said, “and they support that they give.”

As of right now, the game raised at least $3,500. They’ll have a final count in July. By comparison, last year the game raised $6,000.

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