Cannabis Use in Vaping Devices on the Rise in Youth

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Vaping is no longer just used for nicotine.

While 21 percent of US high school students say they vape, CDC research shows one in 11 middle and high school students are using vaping devices to smoke marijuana. 

Many of these devices look just like the ones used for nicotine. 

The Department of Health says any drug can be liquefied or vaped, and these kids are often using the same devices originally meant to hold nicotine. 

Director of Tobacco Prevention and Control Program for the Department of Health Neil Charvat says, “I’m sure these manufacturers did not necessarily plan for these products to be used with other substances, whether they’re legal or not, but the fact is they are. So anybody saying these are fine and there’s no concern is looking over the fact that there’s potential for some nefarious use for these.”

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