Cannonball Elder wants Protesters who started Riot to Leave the Camp

Last night about 400 protesters illegally trespassed on the Backwater Bridge, trying to pass the blockades.
About a dozen fires were set near the bridge and the Red Warrior Camp.
Law enforcement officers remained on the scene until the bridge was cleared, early Monday morning.

Terry Martinez is an elder at the camp.

Terry Martinez: I joined them because, as a spiritual leader, you have to be with your people. So I too was spray, canonized, concussion cannon. I was shot with rubber bullets.

He says the riot was started by eight DAPL protesters.

Terry Martinez: Where are those people who did this. Why are they not coming forth.
Malique Rankin: Will they be removed from the camp?
Terry Martinez: Most likely. We are very- when you do wrong, you get removed. You will be escorted with security. You will take your whole camp. We don’t deal with that. This is a prayer place.

Nine protesters were taken to Sanford.. and six to Saint Alexius.

Terry Martinez: Some were taken, with broken fingers, and skimped up legs and fractures.  Some are from the concussion cannon to the spraying of the bullets. That’s how most of them got injured.”

Melanie Stoneman was the medic that treated Martinez after he was injured.

Melanie Stoneman: There’s still some accountability that has to be hold. Not only on our side, but the accountability that has to be held on that side too.

Martinez says there is no place for anger at the camp..

Terry Martinez: I’m standing here before them and leading our people. That’s our job. We stand with the people.

Terry Martinez said he will meet with the camps elders about the 8 protesters who instigated the riot last night. 

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