Capital Electric using latest technology in new meters

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Bismarck, ND – Capital Electric will replace nearly 20,000 meters to make it easier to track energy data.

The new meters use wireless technology to constantly feed information. This will allow you to track your own usage at home so you can make adjustments if you want. It will also allow Capital Electric to tell when there is an outage immediately instead of waiting for someone to report it. Or it can help spot a problem before it happens. For example, some people lost power over the weekend due to the extreme heat. These meters will allow Capital Electric to notice when a system is starting to get overloaded.

“It’ll provide our engineering department with the ability to be proactive with regard to knowing where we might have voltage fluctuations or need more amps,” Capital Electric Spokesman Wes Engbrecht said.

It could be several years before every new meter is installed.

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