Capitol City Unemployment Rate at 2.1 Percent

The state is facing a workforce shortage, and the capitol city is no exception. 

North Dakota’s unemployment rate is at 2 percent, and Bismarck is doing a tiny bit worse, at 2.1 percent. For the Burleigh Morton area, the job that’s most sought after is and has been registered nurses. Sales, administrative, and transportation jobs also top the list. We spoke with Job Services about how the openings stack up against the applicants.

Amy Arenz; Workforce Center Manager: “Just in our area, the metro area here, we have about 1400 people here who would be unemployed. And that doesn’t even include people who may be looking for a second job or people who are looking for a job while they are employed.”

The capitol city has over 2,100 job openings posted to Bismarck Job Service.
For years, there have been more openings than applicants. 

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