The latest exhibit at the Capitol building brings new art from a unique point of view.

Nicole Gagner is an artist with a passion to share.

A teaching artist by trade, her work began with community services and recently began offering online art workshops, Youtube videos, and live video classes.

Gagner currently lives and works out of Bismarck but she hasn’t stayed here all her life.

She’s traveled all around the country and the world, including Georgia, California, Utah, Alaska, and as far as New Zealand.

But she still calls North Dakota home and the things she sees in our state are the inspirations for her latest work.

“I was born and raised in North Dakota, and then I moved away for college,” explains Gagner, “and after I moved back to North Dakota, I realized there’s just so much beauty here that I hadn’t even realized how much it influenced me and what I loved. So the thing that ties the pieces together is really just the things that I love about living in North Dakota, and the things that I just find beautiful about everyday life here.”

Gagner specializes in painting, and many of the works on display are her oil on canvas works.

In addition, the exhibit is displaying a rare showing of her sketches, as well as hand-painted wooden houses.

The North Dakota Council on the Arts has announced they are excited to showcase Gagner’s work, recognizing that it has notable themes of an energetic and vibrant palette.

The art exhibit can be viewed on the State Capitol building’s 18th floor.

Admission is free. Gagner’s work will be on display until August 31.