Car Show Raises Money for Cancer Patients

The coolest cars in town were at the Bismarck Eagles Club today. They pulled up in support of Carz ‘N’ Cures.

Last year, the car show raised over 7,000 dollars for the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation.

The second annual event had a bit of a slow start due to the rain and heavy winds, but the weather did not stop these car enthusiasts from rolling up for a good cause.

Bismarck resident Mike Conmy points out, “It’s not the nicest of days but it’s still a good cause.”

Conmy brought his 1962 Ford Falcon Station Wagon.

He explains, “This one was going to be my wife’s car. She passed away several years ago so we finished it anyway.”

Terry Schreiner started Carz ‘N’ Cures after his wife, also Teri, battled breast cancer in 2016.

Mrs. Schreiner says, “Cancer was nothing that we had ever had, any family members or anyone ever having that we had first hand knowledge of.”

Mr. Schreiner adds, “Everyone knows it’s an awful deal, but when it hits personal to home, it really makes you look at everything around you.” 

The Schreiners were surrounded by friends, good food and cars of all shapes, sizes and colors.

A young, local musician also donated her time.

And the Schreiners were not the only ones touched by cancer.

Attendee Rodney Hochhalter says, “My father died early of cancer and it runs in my family, so here I am.”

Hochhalter brought his 1963 Chevy Corvair in support of the cause.

He’s optimistic and added, “He had a good life and hopefully, I’ll try to do the same.”

As Mrs. Schreiner said best, Carz ‘N’ Cures was started to: “have a fun time and just make something fun out of something that wasn’t so fun.”

Which is a testament to the strength of a community and their love of unique cars.

The Schreiners plan on making the car show a tradition.

Money raised for the Cancer Center will provide support services for local cancer patients, including housing assistance, nutrition counseling, cancer education and much more.

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