Caribbean Fare Offers a Taste of Island Living


I’ve been cooking since I was five years old. Growing up, watching my grand momma does it. I actually think it’s a God-given gift. Both sides of the family cook. It just comes natural to me,” says Rayan Williams. 

And now, Williams, who grew up on a farm in the Jamaican countryside, wants to share that gift with Williston. Williams is fulfilling a lifelong dream of opening his own restaurant. Bone’z Island Kitchen is schedule to open in downtown Williston in the coming weeks. 

“I like to think I’m an entrepreneur to the bone,” says Williams. 

And Williams is one of many who have come to Williston with that entrepreneurial spirit. The city’s Small Business Development Center has seen an increase in diverse businesses in the past year and a half. Williams moved to the town in 2014 to join a family member.

“For me, the kitchen is like my canvas. So whenever I’m in the kitchen I feel like I’m Picasso,” says Williams. 

And with his Caribbean-inspired fare, Williams hopes to paint a portrait of  island living for his customers.

“We’re trying to bring the fun of the islands, the food, and then our compassion,” says Williams. 

And he plans to do that by giving customers a feel, and of course, a taste of the Carribbean. 

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