Cattle Theft Case Cracked

Over the past 3 years, there have been multiple reports of missing cattle in the Breien and Solen areas.
It’s been a mystery for years.
Until Recently.
Steven Weinberger, of Breien has now been charged in connection to the crimes.
The investigation began at a livestock barn in Sidney, Montana.
A brand inspector noticed the brand of, one head, that did not match.
Court documents indicate that the stolen cattle were sold independently to other ranchers who eventually sold their cattle at livestock barns.  
Investigators were able to trace approximately 22 head of stolen cattle back to Steven Weinberger of Morton County. 
He has been charged with 7 felony counts of theft of property.
There was a warrant out for his arrest for several days before he was finally apprehended.
As many as 7 ranchers had reports of missing cattle.
Weinberger’s preliminary hearing is set for July first.

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