March is Women’s History Month, and all month long, KX News has been celebrating local women improving the community, one day, one idea at a time.

Tonight, we celebrate a Bismarck local who hasn’t been afraid to get a little mud on her boots.
Kari Warberg Block invented the first no-kill, non-toxic pest repellent on the market.

EarthKind is an all natural solution to pest control. It is not only safer for the environment, but also your home.

98% of pest prevention products are toxic and contain poisons. Warberg Block told KX News it’s taken her nearly 20 years to get where she is today with her company.

“Well it started when I was 5 years old. My dad took me to Kill’s Dump in Staten Island and I asked him where away was, says Warberg Block.
She says after seeing miles and miles of garbage, she made the conscious decision that she didn’t want to use plastic, chemicals, or anything else harmful to the earth.
“It was just a really painful time for me when I became a farm wife and I had to take care of the equipment and keep stuff clean, and we kept getting attacked by rodents.
She says all the products she found on the market to deal with rodent problems were either expensive, dangerous to use around her kids and pets, or simply not effective. Warberg says that’s when she knew something needed to change.
“I called every single company, and they all told me nobody cared and people just wanted cheap and just wanted to use poison. And I made that decision that somebody had to care.
Warberg Block told me the whole concept of her product happened by accident.
“I had a mouse that ran up my leg in a farm truck and instinctively I just grabbed a bottle of perfume in my purse and started spraying around like it was raid or something, and I was like ‘AHH get out of here’ and it worked.
She did more research and learned that scents would keep the rodents away, and that’s when EarthKind began.
“At EarthKind we all believe in loving life, and living kind, and we make it easy for people to be kind even when controlling pest. 
Warberg Block develops all of her products, always keeping nature in mind. She says she owes much of her success to North Dakota.
“Yeah if it wasn’t for the state I don’t think our product would be out there.

Warberg Block worked with Pride of Dakota, North Dakota State, Minot State, and the Bank of North Dakota to build her company.

She says she’s still in shock with how far she’s come.

“Everyone told me I was crazy and now here we are on the cover of national magazines, and they say hey this is the next way to be, so I love seeing the female perspective come back.

Kari’s advice as a top pest prevention expert is: “when it comes to pests, and the expensive damage they cause, the old adage of ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’!

She says EarthKind LOVES making it easy to prevent pests in a way that’s also kind to our eco system.

EarthKind is the #1 rated pest prevention brand since 2007, according to the USDA.