The setting surrounding a mother giving birth has changed a lot over the years. Two years ago, private NICU rooms were added by Sanford Health, and now private rooms are larger, more family friendly, and designed to provide comfort for all, the doctors, families and new mothers.

“There’s been huge changes to medicine in general and how we manage things. Moms used to have a nursery that they would take their babies to, where their babies would go at night. Now, they room in with those babies,” Sanford Health OBGYN Dr. Megan Miller said.

Hospital walls may appear the same where babies are delivered, but inside the room, there’s family lounges and even more space for birth to take place.

“It just creates a lot more space; we also have a lot more public space like our nice waiting room and our lobby area,” Nursing Director of the Sanford Birth Center Jada Shoemaker said.

Dr. Miller has years of experience in the business and a family of her own; two kids who help connect her with her patients.

“It’s a really big deal to be a part of that miracle or that delivery process especially if you get to know that patient through the process of their pregnancy. It’s kind of like the combination or that peak,” Dr. Miller said.

After a child comes into the world, bonding is extremely important which is why the babies no longer have to leave the room. Attachment is when a baby and caregiver form a strong connection with each other, emotionally and physically. Doctors said bonding with your baby is important. It helps to release hormones and chemicals in the brain that encourage rapid brain growth.

“Depending on if they come into labor or making them go into labor; they usually spend a good half a day to a day in these rooms,” Dr. Miller said.

There’s a patient lounge for the delivery that is modernized in place of the traditional waiting room where the family can be a part of the experience. This family-centered care is growing in popularity, and doctors and patients both say it makes the birth experience a lot more calm.