Charlie’s Main Street Cafe setting trends

A well-known restaurant is trying to be more eco-friendly.

Charlies Cafe on Main Street has given up using plastic straws. 

Instead, they are now using paper straws. 

The owner Tiffany Craig says the paper straws are slightly more costly but it’s all for a bigger cause. 

She even has re0useable straws for the regular customers that walk in.

She says she labels them and has a special tool to be able to wash them correctly.

“Straws are always being thrown away and their such a waste. We wanted to reduce waste so I thought why not go for paper, Any change is difficult to like adjust to however customers have been really responsive like positively,” said Craig.

Charlie’s is not only making changes to the straws they serve, but they have also recently added what they call their kid’s book corner.

Usually, when you walk into a restaurant children are given some paper and crayons to draw on, 

but not at Charlies Cafe on Main Street.

The restaurant hopes parents and their kids can come in enjoy some delicious food and if their children need some distraction, they have a variety of books to choose from.

“It’s not even just the waiting area,  but when customers come in they can choose different children’s books and then they can read a book with the child instead of being on their smartphones or being distracted,” said Craig. 

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