On most days, you’ll find that there’s a lot of…well, chatter, inside Chatter Pediatric Therapy. Serving 250 clients a month, the care facility stays busy.

“We see children who have all different types of diagnoses, delays, anyone basically who needs help,” says owner Katie Kringen. 

But it wasn’t always this way. Kringen began her business two and a half years ago, in the back of her husband’s motor sports shop, Mondak Sports. 

“It was a unique change, a good challenge for me. But I did notice I needed other therapists to help me. And I didn’t want to work alone, I wanted to work with other professionals,” says Kringen. 

Kringen, a speech pathologist, has expanded her practice to offer occupational therapy, physical therapy, and mental health services. 

“When you have multiple therapists, then you have multiple kids here at the same time so you get to see other parents. That’s been one of my favorite things about coming here. Sitting in the waiting room and meeting other moms and dads and connecting with them,” says parent Matthew Nelson. 

And as Kringen’s business has grown and evolved, she’s had the opportunity to celebrate the growth of the kids she routinely sees.

“Kids that come through the door are like family to us. We get very connected with them and with their families,” says Kringen. 

Those strong bonds, in some ways, are helping maintain the city’s population growth. 

“We’ve actually thought about leaving Williston, thought about moving for a job or something. And we just don’t want to go somewhere and start over. One of the big  reasons we stay here is we like the people at Chatter so much,” says Nelson. 

And though Kringen’s business recently received recognition from Williston’s economic development office, it’s celebrating the everyday milestones with the clients she considers family that Kringen finds truly rewarding.