Chicken Biosecurity Plan

Mandan city commission recently changed an ordinance allowing backyard chickens. Caring for chickens isn’t as simple as it sounds.

NDSU Extension Service is sharing tips to create a biosecurity plan for your poultry. Simple steps include fencing in your bird coop to keep the birds, and visitors safe. Concerns of odor were raised as the ordinance went through council. NDSU says cleaning the coop regularly can prevent this from becoming a problem. Owners also need to be wary of the spread of disease.

Beth Burdolski; Ag Nat Resources Agent NDSU Extension Services: “I believe avian influenza is one, there’s another called new castle’s disease. So another pillar is recognizing those symptoms of those diseases and be aware of what they are. So if you do notice your chickens starting to exhibit those symptoms, really get ahead of the game and get them checked out.”

You should also ALWAYS wash your hands before and after entering your coop.

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