Child Life Program Comes To Bismarck

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Bismarck – For young children needing life-saving care, going to the hospital can be a terrifying experience.

But now, a new program might quell those fears.

It called the Child Life Program.

Its goal is to help children feel at ease while in the hospital.

Sanford says the child life specialists work with the child to calm them, such as transforming an I-V into a straw and referring to syringe as a paintbrush.

Sanford also has an on-site music therapist that plays with the child during long procedures like a blood draw.

KX News talked with the parent of a child with a severe immune deficiency and they tells us Hospital visits are no longer a terrifying ordeal.

“The team has really done a great job to reduce the anxiety ahead of time by making just the environment more fun for him, and then the child life team is also in the room with us when we’re doing the I-V starts and they’re distracting him with the VR headset and just really helping him to work through that process and reduce that anxiety”. Said Parent Rachel Gietzen, whose child is in the program. 

The program is funded through the Above and Beyond Campaign which this morning received a $250,000 grant from First International Bank & Trust that will be used toward a new Child Life Center at Sanford.

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