Chiropractic Care For Infants

Being a parent to a newborn baby can be overwhelming – especially when there are problems that you can’t control.

That was the case for the mother you’re about to meet.

“He is kind of tight on the left side so I think we talked about just rubbing along the lower left spine,” said Becky Perry-Domres, Chiropractor. 

Sara Lockrem is a mother of 3 boys. Easton, who is now 5 years old, struggled with reflex issues as a baby. After speaking with her pediatrician – they both thought chiropractic care could be beneficial.

“We started making it a priority to go regularly,” said Sara Lockrem, Mother.

“He squirms a little bit in the spots that are restricted,” said Perry-Domres.

When her second son Finnley arrived she noticed he was having constipation problems so she chose to bring him to the chiropractor and noticed results. So, by the time Croix came, just under a month ago, she had him in the chiropractors office soon after birth.

“Birth can be traumatizing for an infant and I just wanted to make sure that it was taken care of right away,” said Lockrem.

“A little tense right there on his tummy,” said Perry-Domres.

Chiropractor Becky Perry-Domres specializes in infants and children and even prenatal treatment. She says that she’s had skeptical parents come in but she reassures them that the pressure she puts on their child is as much as she could put on a tomato.

“Once I’m getting to an area of tension, I’m holding certain areas to get more movement into that joint,” said Perry-Domres.

One of the issues she notices the most in infants is constipation which can also be the cause of colic.

“If they are grunting or pushing too much, it’s contracting and locking up and they can’t get that relaxation to actually have the bowel movement,” said Perry-Domres.

By making sure their spine is aligned and their joints are relaxed – she says both baby and parents benefit.

“I’ve seen just great results with my own kids that I know it is beneficial in the long run,” said Lockrem.

Sara says that she brings her infant at least once a month.

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