Christmas Eve Brings Last Minute Shoppers

On the last day before Christmas, shoppers were out picking up everything from stocking stuffers to last minute gifts.

And with the hours ticking down, those that waited until the last minute were rushing to get everything bought and wrapped before Christmas.

 With the hustle and bustle, and plenty to buy, these shoppers were on a mission.

“What brought you to the mall today? To go Christmas shopping,” Aidan Dailey, 7years old says.

Finding last minute buys, and stuffing their stockings and preparing for Christmas just in time.

“Last minute presents, I’ve been working, I haven’t had time to get them,” Kelsey Kennedy, last minute shopper says.

And in these final hours, the experts are jumping in to help.

“It’s just a nice way on Christmas Eve to step back and see people and visit,” Kristi Kraft, Bismarck Optimist Club says.

On the last shopping day a group of  volunteers are wrapping up the holiday, and with a Secret Santa paying it forward, these last minute shoppers received a gift of their very own.

“Secret Santa is paying for it today so that’s exciting,” John Awron, last minute shopper says.

While, Aiden is carrying on a favorite Christmas tradition.

“What are you going Christmas shopping for? Ornaments.” Dailey says.

And finding just the right one for his tree.

While others are experiencing a joy of  Christmas, they’ve never seen before.

Snow, I’m not from here, so snow on Christmas is a first,” Kennedy says.

And with their shopping almost over, the real fun is about to begin.

“This is my last [present] so I’m going home, I’m going to cook, and have a good day,” Kennedy says.

“I’m excited because I have my family here, and we’re all meeting together and having fun,”Awron says.

And place that final gift under the tree.

Bismarck’s Optimist Club has been wrapping Christmas presents for more than 40 years.

This was the second year in a row that a Secret Santa paid for everyone’s gift to be wrapped on Christmas Eve for free.

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