Update: 8:15 pm

There were two separate fires in McLean County yesterday.

First, a fire destroyed the historic Elbowoods Church.
According to the McLean County Sheriff’s department— a local rancher went to check on his cows around 9:30 Monday morning.

When he saw the blaze– he called authorities.
The Parshall Fire Department — which is 18 miles away — was the closest responding agency.
They arrived on the scene around 9:48.
The fire was extinguished by 10:30.
Law enforcement says they had the suspect in custody within an hour after the fire started.
Now in a completely separate incident– a grass fire ignited around 2:00 yesterday afternoon.
According to the Garrison Fire Department Chief– someone was burning garbage and it got away from them.
It quickly spread and covered many, many acres.
This video was sent into us by a viewer.
It was 7 miles South and Southwest of White Shield and was contained by around 5:30.
The Garrison fire department responded along with the three affiliated tribes fire management team.
The church and grassfire are approximately 12 miles from each other.

Update: 11:30 am

A 22-year-old man is in custody following the Elbowoods Memorial Congregational Church being burned down Tuesday.

Authorities say he could be charged in federal court.

The church sits south of Deepwater Bay, in the NW corner of McLean County.

Jim Olson has been on the site all day for KX News and will have an update on the incredible history of the church, and how it was moved to survive the flood. 

KX News will continue to follow this developing story.


A church is in ruins after a Monday morning fire. 
According to the MHA Fire Chief, the Parshall Fire Department responded to the blaze. 
Pictures provided to KX News by Prairie Rose Seminole show the church is unusable.
Seminole informed KX the church is on old tribal road 8.
A phone call placed to the Parshall Fire Department has not been returned at this time.