City Leaders Travel to Williston to Discuss Best Approaches For Handling Ups & Downs of Oil Industry

More than 1200 miles separate Midland Texas from Williston North Dakota. But the two towns are incredibly similar.

“We can always learn from the mistakes and successes of other communities. That’s why it was critical for us to come out here and collaborate,” says Midland City Councilman J. Ross Lacy. 

Facing low unemployment, a strong oil industry, and a growing population, Midland,Texas mirrors Williston in many ways. So officials exchanged ideas and best approaches to dealing with the unique challenges of the the oil industry.

“We’re seeing a lot of examples of correlation of the housing woes and some of the infrastructure woes that both cities are experiencing,” says Lacy. 

The Midland officials learned about partnerships with companies like TrainND, which provides training opportunities to local businesses.

“That’s a huge asset that I think North Dakota has that I think Texas really needs to start mirroring after,” says Lacy. 

The initial meeting facilitated discussion between the two cities, as well as the potential for forming a lasting partnership.

Midland city officials will continue their two-day visit tomorrow with a tour of the Williston State College campus, followed by a discussion on healthcare. 

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