City taking steps to become eco-friendly

Minot, ND-  Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Minot is taking a step to do their part in this initiative.
“July of this year we started automated garbage collection, that was always step one to recycling,” said Jason Sorenson with public works.

Within a year Minot will add automated curbside recycling.
“We’ve looked at our budget and as we go forward we think we can institute recycling without any further expenses being accrued,” said Sorenson.

Not much will change. Minot will add an additional can labeled as recyclables that will be picked up once a week.

“So what we’re looking at is having for recycling the same tan can, but then we’ll put like a green or a blue lid on something to differentiate it from the trash,” said Sorenson.

The next step is to build a transfer facility that will hold plastic, paper, and aluminum.
“We do have a grant from the community facilities fund to start construction,” said Sorenson.
Until then, there is only one recycle facility in town.

 “Recycling in general is kind of a challenging situation and people don’t understand really how it works and we deal without a lot of misperceptions and misinformation about recycling,” said Borgi Beeler CEO of Kalix Recycling.

  “On a daily basis Kalix recycling sees up 100 cars coming to turn in their recyclables.”
 there’s two major things that were doing by recycling one is that we’re saving space in the land fill. and then secondly recycled products can be made into new products,” Beeler said.

but Minot still has a way to go.
“Anytime we can reuse something instead of breaking something from natural resources that’s a good idea,” said North Dakota resident Jason Hysjulien.

An idea that is in the making.

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