Citywide hide and seek, rocks

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Looking for something fun to do with your friends and family this summer? Here’s a creative way to play hide and seek… with rocks! 

Bismarck Rocks is a group that started in Bismarck on Facebook about 2 years ago. It is a movement used to spread joy and inspire creativity in Bismarck and surrounding areas. 

According to the Facebook page, all you need are just a few things to get started. 

Rocks: You can find some in nature or purchase them from a Dollar Tree or hardware store. 

Acrylic paint or paint pens: they are easier to put designs on if they are spray painted first. 

Sealer: Krylon Acrylic Spray Sealer or Rustoleum Clear Matte Spray Sealer. 

Creativity: Paint anything on your rock that makes you happy or be inspired by the shape. Some rocks look like bugs, others could be a bus… anything goes! 

If you want your rock to be found an shared on the Facebook page, make sure to do this: 

1: Draw the Facebook “f” and write Bismarck Rocks on the back of your creation. 

2: Post a photo with a clue about its location on Bismarck Rocks Facebook page. 

3: Seal your rock with sealer so your art doesn’t wash away. 

Now the fun part… Hiding them! 

Go and place your rocks where you know people will find them. Inside or outside. Hide them anywhere, but make sure it’s ok with the owners if you place them in businesses. 

If you happen to find a rock, snap a picture and upload it to Bismarck Rocks. 

The admin of the page made sure to add this important rule: 

“To those who hide rocks on the Capitol grounds or Heritage Center grounds, please do not hide them in the lawn. Groundskeepers mowing or blowing snow (later) cannot see these rocks and if a rock gets in the mower it causes damage to the mower. Also, if the rock should get flung out from the mower it can cause the body harm. Please hide rocks in planters, up close to the buildings or benches. Also, Fort Lincoln State Park does not allow rocks to be hidden or taken from the park.” 

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