Civil Air Patrol: Volunteering To Help

When a child goes missing or when a natural disaster hits…The Civil Air Patrol is often involved in the rescue and recovery.
There are seven C.A.P. squadrons in North Dakota including in Dickinson, Bismarck, and Minot.

Jim Olson went flying recently to find out about the patrol’s mission, and goals for growth.

Jeremy Skalicky is commander of the Minot squadron of the Civil Air Patrol and, although there was no official mission on this day, he thought a good place to talk about the CAP would be in the air.

And so, with pilot Shawn Huizenga at the controls, we lifted off into the North Dakota sky

(Jeremy Skalicky, Civil Air Patrol)  “It is a beautiful day to fly…”

ready to chat about many things – such as what made him join the patrol.

(Jeremy Skalicky, Civil Air Patrol)  “The search and rescue part of it kind of excited me. I’d be able to help people that are in trouble and I can hone my skills.”

Skalicky has set a goal of doubling the size of the local squadron – there are currently 32 members – with a focus on attracting more cadets – those under age 18.

(Jeremy Skalicky, Civil Air Patrol) “If they want to go somewhere especially in aviation, this is a great stepping stone.”
(Travis Partin, Civil Air Patrol) “I am a volunteer in the Civil Air Patrol, I’ve been a volunteer with CAP since 1992.”

Travis Partin got into the CAP as a cadet and now, 26 years later, the Air Force B52 mechanic is helping young people get involved.

(Travis Partin, Civil Air Patrol) “Use my experience from the Air Force, use my experience in the CAP to help guide and shape the leaders of tomorrow.”
(Col. William Kay, Civil Air Patrol) “I’m a pilot and I do search and rescue for Civil Air Patrol.”

Colonel William Kay has been in the patrol since 1998.

(Col. William Kay, Civil Air Patrol) “I love it. It’s volunteer. We’re all unpaid volunteers and we do it for the love of helping our fellow man.”

Back in the air, Skalicky says the goal of growing the local squadron is to always be ready to respond to a call for help.

(Jeremy Skalicky, Civil Air Patrol) “I’d like to be the squadron in the wing so if we have an emergency or we have a call, we’re the ones everybody thinks of – hey we need to get ahold of these guys.”

Because they’re always ready to take to the air to make a difference in the state.
Jim Olson, KX News.

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